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21:43 <DolphinSlugchugger> scp-3854
21:43 <+jarvis> dolphinslugchugger: SCP-3854: Self-Objectification via Suicidal Ideation (written 5 days ago by mlister; rating: -3) -
21:44 <DolphinSlugchugger> let me tell you
21:44 <DolphinSlugchugger> i sometimes do like
21:44 <DolphinSlugchugger> real weird shit when reading articles
21:44 <DolphinSlugchugger> on this article i read the very last line before the entire article just. not even intentionally
21:45 <DolphinSlugchugger> and it hit me like a truck
21:45 <DolphinSlugchugger> i fuckin love it
21:46 — mlister throws a thumbs up
21:47 <DolphinSlugchugger> like just alone
21:47 <DolphinSlugchugger> that title and last line tells so much story its so fucking phenomenal
21:49 <DolphinSlugchugger> also, i would personally write it differently but like
21:50 <DolphinSlugchugger> Its Very Personal So That Makes Sense Because I'm Not You
21:51 <DolphinSlugchugger> though like beyond personal differences of experience,
21:52 — Waterfire reads mlister's article
21:52 <Waterfire> Oh damn I like this
21:52 <DolphinSlugchugger> it leaves an inadequate concordance of like
21:52 <DolphinSlugchugger> hm
21:53 <DolphinSlugchugger> hmmmm
21:53 <DolphinSlugchugger> god i'm really conflicted on upvoting this
21:54 <mlister> Can't blame you
21:54 <DolphinSlugchugger> the imagery works and makes sense, but theres a discordance with the objectification of the empathy target and the fact he's the empathy target
21:55 <DolphinSlugchugger> if that makes sense
21:55 <DolphinSlugchugger> this is a character we're supposed to empathize with but its so short that the visceral connection isnt given time to properly establish imo
21:56 <mlister> It's based on a very weird and very specific thought of mine. You have to think like, be me really, to "get it".
21:56 <DolphinSlugchugger> oh, no, i mean i get it
21:56 <DolphinSlugchugger> well
21:56 <mlister> But at the same time it's about suicide and it's got this fancy title and a concise author post
21:56 <DolphinSlugchugger> i get an approximation of it
21:56 <mlister> You're getting *something* out of it.
21:56 <DolphinSlugchugger> its about that fuckin sorta fugue when you just think of killing yourself where you stand and the ramifications of it
21:57 <DolphinSlugchugger> just viscerally, painfully, impractically
21:57 <DolphinSlugchugger> except its externalized here
21:57 <DolphinSlugchugger> but also not
21:57 <DolphinSlugchugger> just where you get up in your own head and caught up with the intrusive thoughts
21:58 <mlister> Yeah, that.
21:58 <mlister> Less so about the act itself, but the ramifications.
21:59 <Waterfire> It's interesting that I relate to this. I've never really had suicidal thoughts, but I've had anxious thoughts along these lines before
22:01 <mlister> Waterfire: Yeah. Any and all suicidal ideation I've ever done is very separated from me being suicidal.

<mlister>: Hello person I have never seen before.
<Meserach>: hi
<Meserach>: yeah I haven't been around the community for a few years
<Meserach>: not since 2014 regularly tbh
<Meserach>: I remain annoyed that there's no "top rated pages by year" page
<Meserach>: makes it harder to catch up

jarvis dora said an hour ago: okay just got your .tell about Greek theology and stuffs and well… I mean, that's about 500% all the things I strongly disagree with? Like, the notion that Greek mythology has nothing to do with religious belief
10:18 jarvis dora said an hour ago: I mean, what is a theology? don't have time to pull up the dictionary definition rn, but surely a definition would be something along the line of "a theory about the divine - a set of suppositions and expectations about the divine, constructed in a way so as to have an internal logic of its own".
10:18 jarvis dora said an hour ago: in which case, yes, stories about the gods are definitely sites wherein such suppositions about the gods and heroes and other supernatural factors can and do get encoded - things like "Zeus is the protector of Sacred Hospitality, if you're a Bad Host and abuse strangers and beggars you'll incur divine emitiy"
10:18 jarvis dora said an hour ago: okay I think I shall be totally cliche and bring up Herodotus 2.53 here
10:18 jarvis dora said an hour ago: it's telling what the things Herodotus credited to the storytellers are - where the gods came from, what their names are, what their functions are, how they look like -i.e. all the points a modern observer may slot under the heading of theology
10:18 jarvis dora said 41 minutes ago: I suppose the problem isn't "taking mythology for religious belief" as such, the problem is more the supposition that one can take mythology for any single thing - mythology can contain religious beliefs, but equally not everything included in the heading of "mythology" is a religious belief. Storytelling is multifaceted, after all.
10:18 jarvis dora said 39 minutes ago: you can tell a story for fun, for a laugh. you can tell a story that imparts valuable information (about morality, about oral history, about scientific facts even). You can tell a story that does both. And equally, mythology, like all form of storytelling, can include metaphors, imageries etc. that are not supposed to be read (primarily) literal
10:18 jarvis dora said 26 minutes ago: in which case, the citeria to judge "they weren't dumber than us" can be misleading - were they dumber than us for entertaining the possiblity of theology contained in a narrative traditions, or are we dumb for ignoring the methods and contexts the Greeks navigated their stories with, & then laugh when said stories then make no sense to us?
10:19 jarvis dora said 21 minutes ago: also, "they weren't dumber than us, they invented philosophy" is a bit of a strange argument to my ears, tbh. Like, to begin with, on top of my head - Mesopotamian thinkers had been thinking about the problems of ethics and cosmology and stuffs for ages before Greece was a thing
10:19 jarvis dora said 19 minutes ago: about half of the major pre-socratic philosophers were from the Ionian coast & developed under the context of intense contact with Persia. And in China the Hundred Schools of Thought were roughly contemporary to Greek philosophy
10:19 jarvis dora said 16 minutes ago: to say the Greeks "invented philosophy" is… well, it's a proposition that involves gaming one's definitions a 'lil bit. Also, I'm not Christian so I'm not terribly familiar with the terminologies, but "comparing hagiography to theology" seems a weird opposition: what is hagiography, if not a subset of theology?

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