Item# 4034

class item: Euclid

special procedure of containment
The Item need to be contained in a reinforced bullet-proof glass cage protected with an extra layer of copper, magnesium and Lead. The cage should be large 4x3x3 meters and any kind of light should be in turned on during containment period. Any normal font of light will be a good conductor for energy drain. The personnel should wear protective glasses and an hazard suit, to avoid radiation emected by #4034.
To contain effectevly this SCP is required a team made of 4 mens, ‘cause the potentially
death percentual and recovery of energy drain and Escape.

SCP #4034 is a young lady statue, made of alluminium and bars of copper. There’s any way to get closer to the statue made of radioactive material ‘cause the exposure to radiation and a virus that is not still classified in the virus catalog. The statue also has a melted face and many parts of the legs and part of the arms. We can observe by afterwards experiments with class D personnel, that the statue if looked direct in the face will teleport somewhere the victim on a dangerous situation. The test two-o-nine was the most horrible in the tests list on this statue. 4 class D personnel were sent inside the conteniment room near the cage skeleton, which glass were toggled. Three of the four personnel D has died, the fourth never watched it directly and survived. One of the three was found in the incinerator of the site, one inside SCP-173 cage and the last one in the site nuclear reactor.
To avoid the teleportation, personnel must wear protective glasses and hazard suit.
When the first time we have tried to keep inside a cell #4034 the walls melted. This is why it should be contained in a reonforced cage. We do not still explain the effectsand the number of personnel class D to use is collapsing due other experiments.
Reguard the place of the find, it was found near a nuclear reactor, when the technician found that something was draining energy from the reactor. In fact the statue can misteriously drain energy from every font of energy, that is clearly a bad problem for the structure in case of a breach.

Breach containment procedure

The only way to catch back #4034 is to build a new cage and prepare a nuclear battery which will be put inside the cage and activated at distance in a room situated far 200m from the site and energized with auxiliary power.
Once inside, the reinforcement walls (by command) will close and the cage will be lifted to a large energy coil, which will electrify again the battery and permit the ground personnel to finish to put the locks to the walls and the cage.

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