Item #: SCP-094-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A sample of SCP-094-IT, of a volume from 10 ml and 500 ml of pure substance, is to be kept in a low temperature container in Site Asclepio.

All the containment procedures must be in line with the protocol of BioSecurity 4, this is also valid for all the waste materials. The personnel is reminded that silver salts treatment is effective in decontamination even in organic tissue, but due to elevate cost and disponibility, a thrifty use is recommended. Alternative procedures are about isolation periods for natural decay, not using silver.

Following the Accidents 094-IT-02 and 094-IT-03, the container of SCP-094-IT is to be kept in a safe locker under surveillance and accessible only for authorized tests.

To keep the volume in the established limits, is necessary to filter every 12 hours all the waste material and replace is it with renovated organic material. All the waste materials must undergo the decontamination's verify protocol, if necessary, in incinerated form.

In case of excessive quantities after a test, they can be contained in appropriate containers, with regular or continuous filtering, without replacing of material, until the reaching of 500 ml. Otherwise, the excessive substance can be mixed with flammable material1 and set on fire.

Every test with SCP-094-IT must recieve the authorization of at least three specialized researchers with clereance level 4.

If are rilevated events that involve SCP-094-IT outside the tests, it is necessary to interview all the witnesses before the subiministration of A-Class amnestics. For all the subjects, objects or buildings suspected of contaminations, is required the decontamination's verify protocol or, when not possible, incineration.

The use of silver salts is authorized in contaminated subjects considered savable both as surface treatment and intravenous injection, for this reason doses of silver salts in injectable and cream form must be ready in Site Asclepio for the controlled task forces.

Description: SCP-094-IT is a proteic complex capable of moltiplicating its own mass converting some organic materials in itself. The involved compounds include body fluids and tissues, including blood, hairs, saliva and sweat, and are excluded waste materials like urine of feces, besides bones and teeth.

SCP-094-IT is purple, odorless and tasteless, with density and viscosity identical to normal human blood, however it can be separated from it due to its homogeneity, diving blood cells and plasma, both with different density from the anomaly.

SCP-094-IT can be absorbed by oral or blood way or, if in sufficient quantity and concentration, transcutaneos way. Once in the circulatory flow, it rapidly converts the blood of the subject in more SCP-094-IT with and exponential rate; this process is lethal leading to a rapid hypoxia death of the subject. The cells conversion is slower, ending in an average of 30/60/120 minutes from the death and leaving bones intact.

If left inert, SCP-094-IT decay at an average rate of 5% of mass per hour, becoming the material it was before. The material obtained in this way result immune to SCP-094-IT for about two weeks. It was discovered that this process happens even during conversion of material, but its irrelevant if compared to the new product.

The conversion rate is very variable and the factors that influence it are:

  • The temperature: a drop of temperature lead to a slowdown of the conversion process; for this reason it is suggested to cool down the subject's tissues in waiting and during the anti-SCP-094-IT treatment. It is also the only known way to influence the decay process.
  • The viscosity: body fluid are converted faster than soft tissues, that are converted faster than the rigid ones
  • Life activity: living tissues is converted slowly, and dead tissue is faster.
  • Some other features: the material of animal origin is converted faster that the vegetal one, in particular, the mammals one is faster than the others, and the human one is even faster. However there are no alteration in primates speed. Furthermore, in every species, the blood (or lymph in vegetables) is converted very fast.

The highest conversion speed is in the human blood at 37° Celsius, and it is of a doubling per minute. The lowest conversion speed is in living tissue at less than 4° Celsius and it is of a doubling every 45 minutes.

At this time, the only known way to stop completely SCP-094-IT is to make it react with silver; is reacts with it in the same way it does with organic material, but the product obtained is inert and will slowly releases waste materials, including silver, leading to a chain reaction of decontamination.

Note: Many test have been done on samples of human and animal tissue to determinate the conversion times summarily report in description. During the tests, besides the main goals, there was the one to save subjects with methods approved by SRE-M.
Following are reported the tests with the most impressive and important results; for the complete report, consult the Complete SCP-094-IT test logInsufficient Clearance Level..

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